Over the last 20 years our industry has seen the demand for organic fruits and vegetables increase substantially. In response to this demand W.R. Vernon Produce has worked to align ourselves with top quality organic producers. We have worked with our customers to increase awareness as well as help educate them about organics, thus increasing demand for organic products both in food service and retail environments.

W.R. Vernon is proud of the fact that we are QAI certified to handle organic fruits and vegetables. We have an entire cooler area dedicated to the storage and handling of only organic products. We offer a complete selection of high quality organic produce available in bulk as well as pre-packaged. Year round we are able to offer in excess of approximately 125 seasonal organic items.  




These products include but are not limited to leaf items, tomatoes,  potatoes, citrus, berries and fresh herbs. During the season, we can often supply our customers with “local organics”, supporting the local farmers and helping them market and deliver their products.

 W.R. Vernon Produce will continue to increase our organic offerings. We will strive to forge new relationships with responsible organic farmers in order to meet demand as well as exceed our customers’ expectations for high quality organic produce.


USDA National Organic Program

Organic Trade Association

International Organic Trade Resource Guide