Food Safety


ThermometerThe existence of a safe, reliable and traceable food supply chain is paramount to our industry. W.R. Vernon Produce Company is committed to the highest standards of quality and food safety. We have a fully documented food safety program audited annually by NSF International which covers our entire process from receiving and storage to shipment. Our program includes hazard analysis, personal hygiene, facility and truck sanitation and maintenance, crisis management, product recall plans and security.

To help safeguard our products as well as our customers, here’s what we are doing in our facilities:

Maintaining the Cold Chain: The cold chain is monitored from the beginning by checking all inbound trucks for proper temperatures, both in the trailers as well as the pulp temperatures of the product.

USDA Receiving Standards: In addition to checking temperature, our USDA trained and certified Quality Assurance Staff also inspects all incoming product for quality, tampering and pest control. We also inspect our inventory on a regular basis to ensure freshness, date rotation and food security.

Proper Storage Practices: Since products often require different temperature, humidity and ethylene controlled environments for storage, our facilities have been modified accordingly. These modifications also aid in assuring complete cold chain protection, sanitation, food safety and operational efficiencies.

Lot tracking: Our computerized record-keeping system allows us to quickly and accurately track cases of product at any point between the supplier and the customer.

Documented Sanitation Schedules: For facilities, property and truck fleet.
Third Party monitored Pest Control Program by Steritech